surfing course

What to expect?

  • A private surf course containing 5 surfing lessons. Each lesson is one hour to an hour and a half long. You'll get a full guidance through all the lesson with a good price too

  • Feel the waves and jump into to water during your first lesson

  • Free introduction lesson - we don't want you to buy our course before you tried surfing for the first time. If you fell in love with surfing after the introduction lesson and you want to sign up for a course - we won't charge you for the lesson

  • You don't have to bring anything with you - we provide you with full customized surfing equipment

  • Schedule a lesson 7 days a week depending on the sea condition

  • We will take your pictures throughout the lesson if you wish

  • Professional and happy guides with worldwide surfing experience' certified by the Wingate Institute, the Israeli surfing union and the International Surfing Union-ISA

  • Throughout the course, you'll learn surfing techniques, paddling, standing, and controlling the surfboard, getting familiar with the sea, choosing the perfect waves, understanding the currents, and a lot more!

  • The course goal is to give you all the information you need to be an excellent surfer while getting familiar with the sea

  • A guided surf tour is offered to our graduates to locations such as Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and more!

  • various courses options- one on one lessons, group lessons and couple lessons

גולש - קורס גלישה פרטי
גולש - קורס גלישה פרטי
גולש - קורס גלישה פרטי

Surfer's stories

Kfir Ben Simon- Tel Aviv

In two words- AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I took the 5 hours course with the awesome guides- Yotam and Peleg. Those guys are super professional with a lot of patience. It's clear that they care about their students and they are keeping in touch and advising me even after the course was over. Thank you guys for making an old dream of mine come true.

Nitzan Yavin- Beer Sheva

Awesome experience. If you want to learn how to surf this is the place for you. We took a 5-hours course with no previous experience or knowledge of surfing. We took a 5-hours course with no previous experience or knowledge of surfing. It's the best place to learn surfing!

Adar Prost - Holon

A bunch of my friends and I wanted to take a course before going to the army. The guiding team was amazing and taught us how to surf from scratch! The guiding team had amazing vibes. They even stayed and chat with us about life and surfing after lesson was over. We had the best time ever! Highly recommended, great value!

Rebecca Tzvani - Jerusalem

I took a 5 lessons course with my friend without previous experience in surfing. The guides were very pleasant and with a lot of patience. We got to learn how to surf professionally and it was a dream come true! An amazing experience! highly recommended!


מחיר קורס גלישה

Five lessons- one hour each

At a price of 4 lessons

Participants number

1- 1,000 NIS

2- 700 NIS per participant

3- 600 NIS per participant

4- 550 NIS per participant

5- 500 NIS per participant

*The course registration is valid for six months

+Beginners course

Five lessons- one and a

half hour each
At a price of 4 lessons

Participants number

1- 1,400 NIS

2- 1,000 NIS per participant

3- 800 NIS per participant

4- 700 NIS per participant

5- 600 NIS per participant

*The course registration is valid for six


Get an amazing deal when signing up

Rent a surfboard for 5 hours in 200 NIS

You can practice everything you learned independently

Beginners course

Why you should sign up for a course?

Pricing and professionalism

A surfing course is cheaper than 5 separate lessons.
At the course, you'll acquire more knowledge and enjoy more surfing time


strengthening your body and your spirit

your body gets stronger and fitter between the lessons and your spirit gets more freedom the longer you are on a surfing board


keep improving

Your surfing technique and your surfboard control will improve faster between the lessons until they will be a part of you. The way to being a professional surfer start here


Knowledge of the sea and the waves

Through the course, you'll experience various types of waves, currents, and sea movements