Surfing Groups
For Adults


Always wanted to chill on the surfing board in the wide sea, watching the sunset, understanding the way of the sea and professionally surfing?
Our adults groups are small, including all the professional surfing equipment and divided by the level of each participant. You will begin surfing within the first lesson and get tons of tip and personal guidance
For beginners and amateurs who want to get to next level of surfing

What to expect?

  • Get into the water on your first lesson

  • Small groups with personal attention for every participant. every guide is responsible on 3 to 6 surfers

  • Who is it for? people in the age of 20+, beginners and amateurs who want to be professional

  • 10-hour deal divided into 5 lessons 2 hours long (one hour and a half with guidance and another half hour independently, depending on the sea condition)

  • When? Every Friday between 9:30 to 11:30 am

  • Equipment: customized surfboard and a surf suit- depends on the season and the weather

  • How do I sign in? contact us through the website, phone or WhatsApp

  • The guides: A professional and happy guides with worldwide surfing experience' certified by the Wingate Institute, the Israeli surfing union, and the international surfing union

  • In the group you'll meet new friends and learn the surfing technique: paddling technique, standing and controlling of the surfboard, understanding the see and choosing the right place to surf, choosing the right wave, timing the pop-up, knowing the currents and learning to understand the broadcast

  • The group goal is to give you knowledge, and technique and make you understand the sea so you can safely and independently surf with your new friends

  • You have an option to participate in worldwide guided surfing travels to places like Sri Lanka, Maldives, and more

  • Not sure a group is right for you? we offer private courses and lessons.

More details:

  • The training is depending on a minimum of 3 participants and the sea condition. Please arrive at the beach 15 minutes before training begins

  • Parking: Parking lots are available in the beach area

  • Basic knowledge of swimming is required

  • Want to bring your friends? you can come as a group for the training

  • canceling the training is possible within 24 hours before the training

  • 10 hours deal available for six months only

גולש - קבוצת גלישה לבוגרים
גולש - קבוצת גלישה לבוגרים
גולש - קבוצת גלישה - מחכים לגלים
גולש - קבוצת גלישה
גולש - קבוצת גלישה


מחיר קבוצת גלישה


5 training in 10 hours deal

750 NIS

Introduction lesson

2 hours

175 NIS

*Introduction lesson can be included in the 10 hours deal. So after you done with the introduction lesson you can pay 575 NIS for 4 more training.

גולש - קבוצת גלישה